Invisible Influence:
The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller

Want to be more influential?  Be better at motivating yourself and others?  Make smarter decisions and shape group opinion? This talk will show you how.

Ninety-nine percent of all decisions are shaped by others, yet we’re often woefully unaware of when influence happens and how it works.  When do people do the same things as others and when do they do something different?  When are other people motivating and when are they demotivating?  And how by understanding this secret science, can we be more successful, in both our professional and personal lives?

Influence is a powerful tool, but to harness that power, we have to understand how it works.  You’ll learn why others make us faster runners but worse parallel parkers, why elite athletes tend to have older siblings, and what Goldilocks can teach us about launching successful products and ideas. You’ll never look at your own behavior –or the behavior of others—the same way again.


With great insight, Jonah Berger removes the cloak of invisibility from powerful sources of influence and resolves fascinating mysteries of human behavior. —Robert Cialdini, author of Influence

From the very first page, this book will change the way you look at yourself—and others. Eye-opening and thoroughly engaging. —Amy Cuddy, author of Presence

If you want to know what really influences your behavior, read Jonah Berger’s latest eye-opening book, packed with thought-provoking research, memorable stories, and powerful insights. A terrific read! —William Ury, author of Getting to Yes with Yourself

As he did with Contagious, Jonah Berger takes us deep beneath the surface of things, with mesmerizing results. Invisible Influence is a book with the power to transform the way we see ourselves and our place in the world. —Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive

Jonah Berger has done it again: Written a fascinating book that brims with ideas and tools for how to think about the world. —Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

Whether you want to influence others, make smarter decisions, or just better understand the mystery that is human behavior, this book will show you how. A terrific, insightful read. —Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos